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Are we in a 2nd Enlightenment?

With the course of current events it has made me go back and look at some past articles of what people have thought in the recent past.  I found this article from nature quite fascinating.

Not really we are in the situation before the 2nd enlightenment. for a long time there been questions we haven't really touched. the 2nd world war brought did produce alot of philosophical questions. but few of those where really put to the test. as it stand they may very well be doing that soon. as the right never changed the rules of the game. but with the very rules being questioned. alot of other things are gonna be questioned. and when we get a oppurtunity to study these rules. we may have a second enlightenment. especially since we are able to speed things that usally would take decades

I think two question that work into moving forward are do we have the technology to test these ideas and do we have the will to give them a shot?