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Da Rules

Folks don't like too many rules but we gotta have some.

1. Do not break the Law.

Shouldn't have to saw this but have to say this because 2019.

2. Do not Dox.

Don't be a dink.  And don't bare false outrage.

3. Be willing to entertain an Idea.

Speak freely but when challenged be willing to steel-man your opponents argument.  This works both ways as someone once said the definition of an enlightened mind is being able to entertain an idea without believing in it.  Argue vigorously but occasionally challenge yourself to forge your best ideas ^.^

4. Be a better Troll.

We can do better!  Researching and knowing the deep-lore on topics can help up generate greater memes ^.^ As the Internet becomes more real-life everyday we really do influence each other.  "The power is yours..." Captain Planet